We provide a wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services, which include: • Capturing of all invoices (customers and suppliers). • Capturing of all bank- and related account transactions. • Capturing and review of petty cash books. • Performing of monthly bank account reconciliations. • Maintenance and reconciliation of an accounts receivable ledger. • Maintenance and reconciliation of trade accounts payable ledger. • Maintenance and reconciliation of a statutory fixed asset register. • Compilation of summarised management accounts. • Reconciliation of inter-company loan accounts and other non-current liabilities. • Posting of year-end adjustments to align the general ledger with the closing balances as reflected in the Annual Financial Statements, VAT calculations and submission of VAT returns to SARS..


• Processing of Payroll Input. • Processing of the payroll includes loading of new employees, terminating employees and paying out notice pay and leave pay, processing of overtime, allowances and other earnings, processing applicable increases and processing all deductions. Provisions can be made for tax on employee’s annual bonuses, if required. • Administrating of Leave Transactions. • The leave administration can be customized according to your company’s leave policy and the Basic Condition of Employment Act. • Generating Payslips • Payslips are e-mailed to the client in PDF format or can be printed. • Reconciling Deductions and Group Benefits (Medical Aid and Group Funds). • All third parties, statutory and other payroll deductions are reconciled to the payroll on a monthly basis. Reports and statements will be supplied periodically of these deductions. • Generating Monthly Reports. • Standard payroll and financial reports will be created every month and also customised reports if requested. The reports can also be exported to Excel on request. • Creating EMP201. • Preparing of all documents needed in respect of statutory (PAYE/SDL/UIF) requirements. The EMP201 will also be submitted. The payments should be done by the client, although all documentation and figures in this regard will be provided. • Generating IRP5’s and Submission of EMP501 reconciliations. At the end of the tax year, an IRP5 will be generated for each employee and the EMP501 will be submitted through SARS Easyfile.



As part of our vision, we believe in providing a wide range of value-added services in order to consult our clients and help them grow. Not only in their businesses, but also do we look at individual profiles and other trusts or companies linked to our clients in order to provide them with tax solutions and advice that will benefit their profiles as a whole and bring synergy and structure to benefit them. We give expert advice in the following fields: – Budgets, cash analysis and forecasts. – Specialised tax advice. – Tax restructuring and planning in order to provide synergy between a client’s personal and business profiles which will also lead to proper estate planning. – Business decisions and growth management.





Independent reviews and compilation of annual financial statements for all entities.



Our priority is to assist our clients with specialised tax advice and services that will consult them with ethical and lasting solutions on their taxation duties. We have competent, qualified and experienced consultants who can deal with any request or query and provide an outcome that will give you peace of mind. Our taxation services include the following: • Completion and submission of annual tax returns for entities (ITR14). • Completion and submission of annual tax returns for individuals (ITR12). • Completion and submission of provisional tax returns for entities and individuals. • Completion and submission of dividend declarations. • Vat registrations. • Income tax and PAYE registrations. • NPO and PBO registrations. • Obtaining of tax clearance certificates. • Preparation and submission of documentation for Supplementary Declaration (IT14SD) requests. • Preparation and submission of documentation for SARS audits. • Preparation and submission of ADR1 objections. • Preparation and submission of ADR2 objections. • Preparation and submission of appeals. • All other tax related queries. • Assistance with tax calculations and tax reporting.