About Us

We are a team of individuals who are passionate about our industry.

Our clients’ growth and success is our ultimate ambition.

Our Team

Sarakie Rossouw


Sarakie Rossouw qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2008. She has been actively involved in the private sector for the last 10 years in the fields of auditing, accounting and tax. She became a business owner in the D5BSG Group in 2013. She not only has a passion for the industry but also a passion to help people to grow and reach their full potential as business owners and individuals. She is a naturally caring person with a strong helping orientation personality, who incessantly demonstrates a solid service orientation towards our clients. She is a natural leader with remarkable organizational skills and a strong woman who stands up for what she believes in.

Sharon Fourie (Employee of the year 2017)

Operational Director: Tax Consulting

Sharon Fourie has been actively involved in the field of taxation for the last 10 years. She has extensive knowledge and experience in tax administration, filing of returns and tax consulting. She is passionate about the welfare and growth of people and the difference she can make in people’s lives. Her ability to effectively communicate with clients makes her an absolute asset to the business. Sharon demonstrates great people skills.

Leanne van der Walt

Operational Director: Specialised Tax

Leanne Van der Walt is a specialist in the field of taxation for the last 6 years. She is a qualified General Tax Practitioner (SA) and has an Honours in Taxation and H.Dip Tax qualification. She has in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of corporate and individual tax planning and tax legislation. She is passionate about her work and the best at solving tax problems. She loves working with people. She has good communication skills and is detail orientated in her field of work. Her ability to strategize and follow through with implementation contributes immensely to the company.

Gizelle Parker

Payroll, Marketing & Project Management

Gizelle Parker is a qualified bookkeeper. She has broad experience in the field of accounting, tax and payroll. She is passionate and creative. Whether it comes in the form of designing or creating a new project, it’s all exciting. She takes great pride in her work and has a drive to do exceptionally well in every assignment. Her upbeat demeanour and can do attitude brightens the office. She is an organizational whiz who can work on multi-layered tasks and balance multiple projects simultaneously. She accomplishes all her tasks with great initiative and with a positive attitude.

Chantel Badenhorst

Accounting – Employee of the year 2016

Chantel has a degree in accounting with experience in the fields of accounting and VAT. She enjoys working with people and provides assistance wherever help is needed. She is passionate about her work and believes that it is important to understand the industry/sector of her client and meeting client’s requirements. She embrace all challenges that comes her way. She is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and maturity. Her strong verbal and written communication skills allows her to circulate information in a concise and coherent manner.

Lorraine Kekae

Admin and Client Management

Lorraine has a N6 in Human Resource Management and is our voice to the clients as receptionist and administrator. She is passionate about making a difference. When she’s involved with a project at work, she strives to do her best to achieve success. She is a dedicated, intelligent and presentable young woman. She is always willing to offer her assistance.